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An RNA platform to help keep the world healthy

mRNA’s characteristics make it a highly valuable molecule for human health. Thanks to mRNA, effective Covid-19 vaccines were quickly developed to tame the Covid pandemic.

byoRNA is working on a disruptive bioproduction technology that will help exploit the therapeutic potential of messenger RNA.

Produce abundant and cheap RNA to save kids and elders all over the world.

Our bet: "bio" RNA from eucaryotic cells

We believe that mRNA produced from our developed cell platforms will be cheaper and easier to manufacture than IVT (in vitro) mRNA, making it accessible to everyone, including patients from poorer countries.


This belief is grounded in the fact that contrary to IVT production which demands many expensive enzymes and components (many of them produced through additional in vivo cell cultures), manufacturing mRNA in our specific cell systems is a single process that mimics Nature and requires mostly... sugar!


On top of that, eukaryotic-based RNA, like (eukaryotic) mammalian production of mRNA, is likely to produce an RNA of better quality.

1- Generation of cell lines

Thanks to synthetic biology and experimental design, the cell lines are optimized for a better expression of the mRNA of interest.

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